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Product Code: VTDS-03
Completely flat and paintable with the same water-based paint used for the wall.

Plana is the vent that becomes invisible. The plenum in galvanized steel remains recessed in the wall, ensuring acoustic comfort and the perfectly flat vent looks like a simple offset only few millimeters from the wall itself (potrusion of only 6mm). A wide range of plenum boxes enables intsllations of 1 or ducts, with connection  coming from 90° or from behind.

Two butterfly valves, inside the plenum,  allow to adjust the flowrates without tools, even after installation.

A G4 filter with magnetic positioning can be mounted and replaced without tools (to be ordered separately). The particular fixing avoids annoying vibrations and allow an easy maintenance or replacement of the filter.

The vent is supplied in two parts: the plenum (equal to that of "Linea" vent) can be walled in the first phases of the construction site, while the finishing Plana frame must be mounted when plaster finished.

XGRF00006-simbolo prodotto brevettato rendition1Plana is available both in white finish RAL 9010 and with a paintable primer that can be paint with any type of water-based paint, so as to perfectly blend it with the rest of envoronment.

The Plana vent is protected by an invention patent filed by Ideal Clima.

Application Field

Plana can be deployed both for supply and extraction air. It is recommended to install the filter inside the plenum (separately supplied: item VTFR01 for Plana 2 x DN75 or VTFR02 for Plana 1 x DN75) in both applications.

Its pleasant and discreet design makes it versatile in every architectural solution.

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XGRF00005-installazione plana sezione muro rendition1The butterfly valves inside the plenum allow you to adjust flowrates at any time and accurately. The plenum is invisible, embedded in the wall. The vent, completely smooth, hides discreetly in any environment.

The Plana vent can be installed on the wall, even inside partitions. Ceiling installation requires the application on site of safety cords, according to current legislation (not supplied). The hook springs allow you to insert the vent inside the plenum for a solid and robust fixing, without the use of tools.

The springs are equipped with an adaptation system that allows to adapt to any irregularity of the plaster or to its excessive thickness.

The plenum is sealed to keep clean the air passages during construction operations. The sealant is quickly removed only before inserting the vent.

The air passages have been designed to reduce pressure drop and excellent silent characteristics.


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Technical Data

Plenum for Linea and Plana 2 x DN75 (cod. VDPL04)

disegno tecnico plenum linea e flat VDPL04 

Plana 2 x DN 75 (cod. VTDS03 e VTDS04)

 XCAD00005-bocchetta plana rendition

Plenum for Linea and Plana 1 x DN 75 (cod. VDPL05)



 Technical Data

  U.M. Plana 2 x DN 75 White RAL 9010 Plana 2 x DN 75 Paintable primer Plana 1 x DN75
Paintable primer
    Cod. VTDS03 Cod. VTDS04 Cod. VTDS06
Plenum material - Acciaio Zincato Acciaio Zincato Acciao zincato
Vent Material  - Lamiera 15/10 Lamiera 15/10 Lamiera 15/10
Compatible Plenum   VDPL04 VDPL04 VDPL05
Compatible Filter   VTFR01 VTFR01 VTFR02
Filter class according EN 779   G4 G4 G4
Cross Section  dm² 0,75 0,75 0,38
Finishing   White RAL 9010 powder coated Paintable primer Paintable primer


Acoustical Data


Q[mc/h] 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
Frequency [Hz] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB] LW,oct [dB]
63 8 14 18 21 23 25 27
125 7 15 21 25 28 31 33
250 6 15 22 27 30 34 36
500 <5 6 12 18 23 27 30
1000 <5 <5 <5 <5 8 13 16
2000 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 9 13
4000 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 7
8000 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5 <5
Lwa[dB(A)] 12 13 17 21 24 28 31



Pressure drop Plana 2 x DN 75

XGRF00002-perdite di carico plana rendition1


NB: To ensure perfect adherence of the paint on the Plana with paintable primer, the surface must first be lightly sanded with a fine-grained abrasive paper (abrasiveness 220, 240 or 280).

installazione plenum VDPL04


Compatible paints 

The Plana with primer can be painted with all interior paints and in particular with acrylic based water indoor paints.
If the wall is plastered with a coarse grain and you want to have a finish with the same roughness, you can apply a layer of medium or fine grain primer on the Plana, before applying the finishing paint.
For this purpose, the primers of the series 433 and 434 brand "Colori Freddi” are particularly suitable, respectively for a finer-grained (0,3 mm) or coarser (0,5 mm) plaster effect.
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