Integra Control Clima

Product Code: SQCT05_P
Integra Control Clima - the control of radiant heating and cooling

Integra Control Clima can control both underfloor heating and cooling. Further to the electrothermal actuator, in case of cooling, it can control the dehumidification and the dew point of each single room.

Inside Integra Benessere, or within a third-party Home Automation system, Integra Control Clima becomes a real temperature and humidity regulator, controlled by Integra Touchscreen.

On the impulse of an external home automation system or a simple room thermostat, it is able to activate the radiant system and dehumidification. In summer it is always ensured that cooling takes place without the risk of condensation.

Integra Control Clima can have multiple roles: it can work independently, or as the climatic supervisor of a wider building automation system, fully controlling a high efficiency radiant cooling systems.



The system directly measures the radiant surface temperature (in underfloor, walls, and ceiling systems) with the NTC sensor, which is standard equipment.

It analyses each room’s data collected by Integra Point TH—temperature, humidity, and dew point. It then immediately compares the temperature of each room and the temperature of the radiant surfaces.


Integra Control Clima compares the data collected by the Integra Point sensors and consequently:

  • It activates the emission of radiant cooling, and if necessary reduces its surface temperature  
  • It activates dehumidification







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Integra Control Clima can be used in "back-ground" logic: the innovative condensation prevention function with dew point control can be implemented in building automation systems, but also with simple thermostats.

  • Continuously checks the dew point and the risk of condensation directly on the radiant surface
  • Temporarily interrupts the consent to cooling and activates the dehumidifier in case of condensation risk
  • Activates the radiant system at the command of Integra Benessere home automation (by Modbus),after checking for dew formation risk
  • Activates the dehumidifier at the command of Integra Benessere (by Modbus)
  • Adjustable sensitivity of dew point control
  • Clean incoming contact to deactivate condensation control in winter
  • Humidistat function with 55% humidity (modifiable via Modbus)
  • Installable on DIN rail inside the electrical panel

In summer, energy recovery ventilation systems introduce from the outside moisture into the environment, which can easily condense, if not managed, onto the cold radiant surface. Integra Benessere ensures the correct management, with the reliability and safety that only a dew point regulation guarantees.

Integra Control Clima and Integra Control Air are designed to facilitate the combination of a radiant system in cooling with mechanical ventilation, obtaining excellent levels of air quality and humidity always under control.

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Integra Benessere creates high mountain comfort thanks to the integration of cooling systems and mechanical energy recovery ventilation systems (VMC) with dew point control.












Integra Benessere guarantees that healthy and pleasant levels of humidity are maintained. At the same time, it prevents condensation when the air comes into contact with the cooling radiant surface (thus avoiding impregnation of water on coatings, fabrics, woods and other, rather than dangerous slippery floors.



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