Fancoil Falko ceiling OC Standard

XIMG00820-Falko OC 510.140_rendition1
XGRF01051-kit canalizzato 3D r03_rendition1
XIMG00819-Falko OC 510.137_rendition1
Falko OC is the result of a great commitment of resources, aiming to offer a
product at the forefront in terms of performance, silence, consumption and
functionality. Offered with high-prevalence centrifugal fan, it has a wide
range for every residential application.

Falko OC is the Fancoil for suspended ceiling installation. Thanks to the height of only 24 cm and the high efficiency exchange battery, it can be installed inside the suspended ceilings in the residential setting. The downward air intake is changeable at site into intake from behind. The condensate collection tray has DN 20 connection. The motor has three live inputs for speed selection. The frame is made of galvanized metal sheet. The air filter is removable, on the intake. Water connections, 3/4” F placed on the left side. 


:All units, compliant with European directives, are provided with CE (TUV) marking and relative certificate of conformity.


Field of use

  • Heat, cool and dehumidify rooms.
  • Heat with high efficiency at high as well as low supply temperatures (excellent for heat pump systems).
  • Be connected to traditional boilers, condensing boilers, solar systems or heat pumps.
  • Be contained inside suspended ceilings.
  • Build simple ducted networks, even with the use of the range of available accessories, to distribute air in multiple rooms.
  • The air intake orientation can be changed at site. Can be ducted to each room or taken from a single shared grid below the unit