Hydronic Terminals

Specifically designed for residential applications, it includes in a compact and elegant form the best thermal and electronic PID technology. Ideal in heat pump systems and in renewable systems, including solar. Quick and effective, it warms, cools and dehumidifies in maximum silence.

XIMG00813-falko solo altre luci sdraiato.108_rendition1
Falko HW

Falko HW is the Hydronic terminal that encloses in compact dimensions and attractive...

XIMG00807-falko solo altre luci sdraiato.103_rendition1

Ikaro is the wall-mounted hydronic terminal equipped with exclusive HydroSilence...

XIMG00897-skudo incasso dettaglio_rendition1

Targa allows to recess in a wall the best of hydronic technology. Cross-flow fans,...

XIMG00671-skudo ambientato parquet_rendition1

Skudo is the Hydronic terminal with a thickness of only 13 cm, which encloses in a...

XIMG00880-glass dettaglio 2 con riflesso_rendition1

Glass has attractive lines with front surface in real glass, to fit pleasantly in...