Ideal Clima

la-primavera-in-casa-mediante-i-radiatoriIdeal Clima is proud of having one of the finest traditions in the HVAC industry today. We base our know-how on the experience of “Società Nazionale Radiatori,” established in 1909: 100 years of evolution and innovation that have made us the leader in designing and manufacturing both components and complete systems for heat recovery ventilation and energy-efficient systems.

Ideal Clima designs, engineers, manufactures and distributes innovative technical solutions: its broad patent portfolio, unique in its industry, is proof of its unceasing effort to research and develop new solutions for our customers and of its commitment to continuous improvement of an Italian company.

The knowledge gained, combined with the constant adaptation of new technologies, makes Ideal Clima the go-to company in the supply of modern HVAC systems. including radiant Heating and cooling, heat recovery systems and hydronic units, without neglecting the pride of a solid tradition in delivering quality, that still resonates today with the more traditional products, such as cast iaron radiators.





XIMG00453-FOTOWe have an absolute daily commitment to maintaining product quality and service, in order to meet the expectations of every client.
This, combined with a drive to constantly increase business performance, allows us to be successful in even the most innovative of market segments, while maintaining excellence in the more traditional fields.

Ideal Clima as it is today is the result of a great history, but is also a prelude to a solid future, thanks to a style of work always oriented to innovation, continuous improvement and attention to internal and external partners.