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Single-room heat recovery unit, requires only a simple through-hole in a perimeter wall.

The KERS+ series consists of devices for mechanical ventilation with dual flow, featuring heat recovery, to be installed in a dedicated wall opening. The high-performance devices are designed to provide the necessary air renewal rate to individual spaces, recovering heat from the exhaust air and transferring it to the incoming air in the environment.


Each unit is equipped with:

  • Adaptable and soundproofed plastic duct suitable for wall installation
  • Intake and exhaust grilles
  • Energy-efficient EC fans with speed control
  • Ceramic heat exchanger with up to 97% efficiency and antibacterial treatment
  • Filters installed on both sides of the exchanger to clean the intake air and protect the G3 class exchanger, optional F7.
  • Remote control for adjusting air flow without the need for wiring
  • Windproof damper as required by EN 13141-8 standards
  • Automatic nighttime speed attenuation
  • Ventilation activation based on ambient humidity

All units, compliant with European directives, are marked with CE certification (TUV) and have corresponding certificates of conformity.



The KERS+ units are designed to perform the following functions in each individual room:

  • Provide fresh air ventilation from outside the building, with an airflow of up to 50 m³/h of fresh air.
  • Recover up to 97% of heat from the extracted stale air in order to heat (in winter) and cool (in summer) the incoming air, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Filter the air coming from outside and that extracted from the rooms.

These units are intended for use in residential buildings, particularly for ventilating spaces where centralized systems are not deemed necessary. They can be installed through walls and are therefore well-suited for the recovery and partial renovation of spaces prone to mold due to inadequate ventilation.

The maximum air flow rate of each unit is 25 or 50 m³/h, depending on the model. Since they operate 50% of the time in extraction and 50% in supply, the air exchange rate is reduced to 12 m³/h and 25 m³/h, respectively. The KERS recoverers provide sufficient air exchange for rooms with floor areas of 9 sqm or 20 sqm, depending on the model (with air exchanges of 0.5 vol/h and internal height of 2.7 m).


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Comparison of Kers energy consumption

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