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Ikaro is the wall-mounted hydronic terminal equipped with
exclusive HydroSilence technology for unparalleled acoustic and
thermal comfort.


Ikaro is the wall-mounted hydronic terminal equipped with exclusive HydroSilence technology for unparalleled acoustic and thermal comfort. Specifically designed for residential applications, Ikaro includes in a compact and elegant form the best thermal and electronic PID technology. Ideal in heat pump systems and in renewable systems, including solar. Quick and effective, it warms, cools and dehumidifies in maximum silence.

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  • Ikaro can deliver the ideal heat output with unsurpassed silence thanks to the HydroSilence technology. (ex. Ikaro 350, delivering 2kW, has an average noise value of only 18dB).
  • Close to the desired temperature, the electronic control reduces to imperceptible levels the sound emission and air flows, maintaining the ideal efficiency in both heating and cooling. (note: Please remember that human breath corresponds to a noise level of 20dB).


Field of use

Each Ikaro can be managed in complete autonomy thanks to the practical infrared remote control supplied as standard, and the attractive transparent LCD display that shows the temperature at all times. For an even more articulated control, for example within home automation systems, Ikaro is equipped, as standard, with Modbus connectivity.

  • Ikaro finds ideal insertion in Integra Benessere, the simple and advanced Thermoautomation of Ideal Clima that control all the devices for the home comfort to optimize efficiency and to reduce consumption. From the touch screen panel Integra Touch you can control, from a single device, all the functions of the house: air conditioning, hydronic or radiant, heat recovery ventilation, dehumidification and air quality.

    Just the pressure of a finger to operate multiple devices at the same time or to set the temperature in each room of the house. With a simple and intuitive interface, integrated into the environment and thanks to the capacitive display with close interaction with usual "gestures" of tablets and smartphones..

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Ikaro can be commanded, alternatively:

From the standard infrared remote control.

From an external thermostat, through the 3 clean input contacts for speed selection.

Within a home automation network in Modbus RTU, for example with Integra Touchscreen within Ideal Clima's Integra Benessere thermo-automation system.

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