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Zoning means managing each room to be air-conditioned as an independent area through a control (invisible probe or Vision thermostat) such as to guarantee, at all times, the ideal temperature based on the specific needs, The Clima zone system applied on a ducted hydronic system with Multieasy adaptive plenum manages each zone of the installation in a completely autonomous way. This makes it possible to avoid the installation of split units in the environment and to benefit from the comfort and the extreme silence of the air diffusion through vents, including the invisible FiloZero. Clima Zone system, through the intuitive interfaces Vision or Integra Touch Screen, allow the complete management of all the main parameters of the room comfort in an automatic way so that at all times it adapts to the needs of the user.

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Clima Zone is specifically designed to simplify the design and installation of a ducted hydronic system, but without compromising on performance and technical content. It will be enough to size the ducted indoor unit and know the number of areas to be treated to have the opportunity to propose a package that includes all the necessary components for an easy installation. 

  • • Integra Control Zone: built-in temperature environment controller to be combined with Integra Point TH sensors and Integra Touch Screen interface for web control.
  • • Adaptive Plenum (MULTIEASY): with motorized air dampers from 2 to 6 outputs according to the number of climatic zones, available in ON/OFF version (open/closed damper motor with minimum and maximum setting) and in modulating version (proportional damper motor with minimum and maximum setting)
  • • Concealed silent electro-actuated vent (FILOZERO)
  • • Additional damper (to be installed on plenum side): allows to increase by one zone the outputs of the plenum
  • • Room thermostat (control interface) specific and elegant (VISION)
  • Clima Zone allows to design a system with important technical and aesthetic advantages as an alternative to split installations:
  • • Plug & Play: Clima Zone does not require dimensioning and to resort to third parties for the completion of the system. Its control and installation are extremely simplified.
  • • Remote control: Integra Touch Screen completes the installation and offers the possibility to remotely control all connected systems through the free Ideal Clima app.
  • • Optimization of energy consumption: the ducted system with zoning control allows to significantly reduce the size of the installed unit and is ideal for applications in buildings with low dissipation because it allows to fit a smaller unit and to share it among rooms that have low energy requirements.
  • • Aesthetics and design: zoning offers benefits on the aesthetic side, eliminating the indoor splits, while still allowing accurate control in each zone with user interfaces designed to adapt to any type of aesthetic finish, even with the FiloZero invisible vents.
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